How Mother Nature Affects Your Pond Algae Problem

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There’s no question about it. A pond is not a static creature by any means. When you have fish and plants, the pond literally comes noticeably alive.

These notable critters, and even many that you can’t see create a dynamic in a pond that’s ever changing.

We’ve had an odd summer here in Iowa with very moderate and comfortable temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s interspersed with some really hot and humid days. And we’ve had some nice sunny days, mixed with some heavy rains. Ya gotta love the variety!

And as they say, if you don’t like the weather in Iowa, just wait a minute, it will change.

Mother Nature can add another dimension to the equation as well and she’s the topic of this week’s video.

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4 thoughts on “How Mother Nature Affects Your Pond Algae Problem”

  1. That was a very informative video. I live in Vancouver Canada and we have had hot summer so far. I have been blessed with a clear pond all summer.I feel with lots of Hyacinths,beneficial bacteria,taking out approx.20% water change each week and a smaller fish load,I feel that I have it on track (I hope). Thanks again for all your info.

  2. very informative video. here in arkansas we had a down pour yesterday of about 4 inches. i have so much watermeal on my pond i cant tell if they rain made it worse or not. keep sending the videos so i can keep learning more. thanks and keep up the good work. B.J.(arkansas)

  3. You always have great information! Thanks for your tips and help and general education. I have a small back yard pond and it seems we have a new problem ever so often and you always have a solution or explanation.
    Our local garden club is interested in knowing about ponds and have asked me to give a program in the spring. Can you suggest what would be good to present in a 30 minute time frame? Do you have a resource I could purchase for this? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
    June Rogers
    Breckenridge, TX

  4. Joe and BJ…thanks for the kind words.

    No doubt about it Joe, you are on a good track! Keep up the great work in keeping the pond balanced and clean.

    Hi June…I think simple is best but it’s important to understand that just like a garden, ponds do require management and involvement. Many people get into one without ever realizing what’s involved with them.

    I do like to teach balance as well. Plants are a great addition and you might cover some of those that are desirable and they are vital to keeping a pond in good shape and clear of unwanted’s like algae.

    Mostly though, just have fun and enjoy your time in talking about ponds. It’s amazing how one’s enthusiasm can transfer to others and you may end up with a lot of Q&A which is good for everyone. Those 30 minutes will go by fast!


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