Calculating Pond Size

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Knowing the size of your pond in terms of how many gallons it holds will come in very handy when you need to treat it with something or to ensure that you’re not overstocked with fish.

Here’s a simple formula for estimating how many gallons of water your pond holds.

Multiply the length in feet x width in feet x depth in feet and get a total. Then multiply this total by 7.48 to get the gallon total.

For a perfectly oval pond you would multiply the diameter in feet x the diameter in feet again…then multiply this number by 5.9 to get the total gallons in an oval pond.

Keep in mind that when you are wanting to use a natural treatment such as beneficial bacteria for pond algae control you’ll want to ensure that you do not underestimate the pond size. Under dosing usually provides poor or inconsistent results.

Knowledge of your actual pond size will also be important should you decide to use a chemical in the pond. In contrast to the safety of a natural product, chemicals should be applied by carefully following the label directions and dosage rates to ensure safe usage.

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