A Recent Algae Solution Testimonial

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We get a fair number of positive comments about The Algae Solution every year and we love to get them. Our thanks to Charlie who shared his experience below.

Your enzyme packets are amazing! I started using them on a 500 gal established pond, here in the San Diego area late last year. I was desperate to clear up the water and actually see my fish. Around the same time I did a major filter job with progressive bag filters. I ran that for two days. I also added some additional sun screening fabric around the pond area.

The pond did clear up, but I was not sure which of the attempted remedies did the trick. When I finished with the initlal batch of your enzymes, it was December and I thought the additional sun screen fabric would be enough with the lower sun angle to keep the pond clear. But, I was wrong.

Within 2 weeks, the pond was getting green enough that I could barely see the fish, only a few inches from the surface, So this recent order was in desperation, just in case it would help the situation. I expected to have to run the bag filters, again to get the water clear.

The results were immediate! Only a few days into the treatment, I could see definite improvement. And, less than 2 weeks later the water is crystal clear – with no additional mechanical filtering.

Thanks for a great product!

Charlie Wolfe

If you’d like to share your great experience with The Algae Solution be sure to contact us and let us know how well it worked in your pond.

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