Pond Algae To Fuel Cars?

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pond algae as fuel

What you’re looking at in the picture above is algae (of all things) being converted into fuel and at the same time, this process is also using carbon emissions (which are bad for the environment) that help speed up the growth of the algae.

The process, as well as the concept is truly amazing.

The thought of pond algae fueling cars and trucks across America isn’t as far fetched as one might think.

As you might have noted on a recent evening news cast, biofuels of all kinds are being developed in order to help relieve our dependence on oil from abroad, as well as help with environmental concerns.

Here in Iowa, ethanol has been gaining a lot of attention however there has been some debate on whether it’s a smart idea to use corn, which is a staple food crop, to help power vehicles. For farmers this is welcome news because surely it will mean higher prices for their commodities. There are other issues being considered though, and one is that it takes a good while to grow a healthy corn crop.

Not so with algae apparently as our ponds can testify. When conditions are right, it grows like a weed. Which is all the more reason for scientists to be encouraged. By putting “algae farms” near power plants, which emit a lot of hydrocarbons, the algae grows even faster. And as technology improves to turn this green growth into fuel…well it’s already happening, but time will tell how efficient it can get…then this whole story doesn’t sound all that bad.

What I would personally like to see is a home based kit to do this. Basically this would allow you and I to make our own biofuel out of that nasty growth in our ponds. Ok, so most likely we wouldn’t be the next Jed Clampett looking to move to Beverly Hills when we strike it rich, but what a thought it would be to simply go out and pull algae from your pond and let the wonders of science covert into energy for the old Ford out back.

That would truly be energy independence.

I’m all for that. But until that day comes, I’ll keep using my beneficial bacteria and plants and dream of the future.

Oh and be on the lookout for the Algae To Fuel Home Conversion Kit from KLM Solutions soon:)

To learn more simply click on the link on this futuristic work with algae from MSNBC

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