Amazing Pond Stories Including Jabba The Bullfrog

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A few weeks ago we received a couple of neat pictures of a Bullfrog named Jabba that has dined on small birds and now what appears to be a pretty good sized fish!

Jabba The Bullfrog

And here’s another angle on the feast…

Jabba The Bullfrog - 2

Bullfrog’s are really quite interesting and as you can see, they are an amazing predator. Stomach content studies going back to 1913 suggest the bullfrog preys on any animal it can overpower and stuff down its throat. Bullfrog stomachs have been found to contain rodents, small turtles, snakes, frogs including bullfrogs, birds, even a bat, as well as the many invertebrates which are the usual food of the bullfrog.

To learn more about this interesting creature you can visit the bullfrog wikipedia page.

Do you have an interesting pond story?

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Thanks to Violet for sharing Jabba with us!

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  1. As Violet’s story about Jabba indicates, Bullfrogs readily feed on other pond critters. I’d like to stress that this species should not be released in ponds. Research has shown that it can reduce local native amphibian populations and can carry a disease which has been implicated in the decline of frog populations. Although Bullfrogs/tadpoles can be purchased on the web, pond enthusiasts should be aware of the impact of this species. It will ultimately move out of their pond, populating local wetlands, streams, ditches.

    Here are a couple of interesting links:

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