We’re Going To The Birds And More

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What Do Birds Have To Do With Ponds?

It may sound odd to include the topic of birds and bird feeders on a pond algae website but I would be remiss to not mention the subject of bird feeders as we near the holidays.

You see a handful of years ago, my wife and I received a couple of bird feeders and seed as gifts one Christmas and I have to admit, they turned out to be one of the best presents we have ever received.

From that day on we have always enjoyed watching Gold Finches, Cardinals, and House Finches visit the feeders. Last year after we moved to a different location we discovered an entirely new world of birds that included Orioles, Nuthatches, Juncos, Woodpeckers…you name it, I think we’ve logged it in our bird sighting booklet.

With this in mind, and as Christmas time is near, we decided to put up a web page with some of our favorite feeders. Maybe they’ll turn out to be a great gift for someone you know. Anyway, here’s the link to our bird feeders page.

Visit our bird feeder page here…

Now on top of this, I wanted to mention a new development here at KLM Solutions and it does relate to bird feeders and other great home-based interests. And by the way, you can bet that ponds will be involved in this too!

Making The Most Of It All At Home

Like everyone else, our family experienced a tightening of the budget this summer. With gas prices at or above $4.00 a gallon, we didn’t do much traveling. As we move into the fall and early winter, it’s pretty obvious that the economy isn’t in very good shape and there’s a lot of concern for what may come down the road.

Still, despite the fears, it’s been important for our family to enjoy our days together and find new ways (or maybe discover old ways that are renewed) to spend quality time together. The term “staycation” was developed not too long ago, and we adopted that here, where we did more fun things either closer to home, or in some cases, right at home. We saved a lot of money by doing this, and still enjoyed the experiences. It was a nice discovery to make and a good lesson for us in the future. Although we may still take a far-from-home trip every now and then, we certainly don’t have to do that to make the most of our family time.

To us, this is a trend that will only grow to be more popular in the future, and whether you have kids or not, it’s safe to say that a person’s home can truly become an oasis and an escape from the daily grind of work and societal pressures.

With this all in mind, we are beginning work on a new website that we intend to launch next spring that focuses on providing resources, information, and when applicable, products that can help someone create a backyard getaway that provides opportunities for rest, relaxation, or recreational enjoyment.

We’ll talk about ponds and pond care of course, along with backyard birding, creative backyard recreational topics, landscape and design, flower gardening, and whatever else in terms of topics come up along the way. We think it will not only be great fun to work on a project like this but we hope it helps to provide useful ideas to everyone that visits so they can enjoy their own “oasis” right at home.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as things move along.

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