A Biodegradable Aquasphere For 1/4 Acre Ponds Is Here

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aquasphere biodegradable
At Pond Algae Solutions one of our main focal points is to look for and work at producing the most environmentally friendly, or “green” products that can clear up algae problems in any size of pond.

There’s no question that one of our most popular products this spring has been the 1/2 acre biodegradable aquasphere. The sphere is made from a corn based derivitive and will naturally degrade over the course of a few months. It’s a perfect way to avoid the mess and muck of removing the old sphere, and replacing it with a new one. Better still, there’s no need to worry about getting the plastic spheres reclaimed in your local plastic recycling program.

Just toss the sphere in a forget about it. As with all of our Healthy Ponds products it will begin working right away and will treat the pond for up to 30 days continuously.

Everything in the bio-sphere is now degradable and is as environmentally safe as it always has been. And you can be assured that we’ll continue to work on developing the safest algae control products in the industry. Safe for you, your children, pets, fish, and the environment.

The new 1/4 acre biodegradable aquasphere will be available beginning on May 15th.

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2 thoughts on “A Biodegradable Aquasphere For 1/4 Acre Ponds Is Here”

  1. I’m interested in getting a biodegradable aquasphere for my pond, but worry that my pond is too small. It’s a pre-formed black plastic pond that came in two pieces: One for the top where the waterfall is, and one larger one below that catches the water that drains down from the waterfall and top chamber and where the fish and most of the plants live. It’s about 3 feet deep in the center, but has four shelves that decrease the size somewhat. I just don’t want to OVERtreat the water, but I read that it only treats when it needs to. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Leigh,
    It likely is too small for this particular Healthy Ponds product. However this is a size to fit every pond.

    It’s virtually impossible to overdose with this type of product since if it’s not needed to control nutrients it just quits working. That said, it’s still better for cost considerations to find the product that best suits your needs without underdosing for the pond size. This is something you definately don’t want to do.

    For your size of pond visit our Small Ponds Page and you’ll likely find what you need.

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