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The Power Of Pond Aeration Against Algae

There are days I can probably sound like a broken record. If you’ve watched any of our videos or read through my articles here, you’ll no doubt remember that I have often said that pond aeration can help with algae problems. In fact, aeration is the first place we often look when we’re trying to […]

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Pond Aeration Using Solar Power

Can I use solar power to run my pond aerator? It’s a question that’s coming up more and more often.  And I have to admit that I’d be asking the same question myself if I were in your shoes.  Solar just makes a lot of sense when it comes to running something like pond aeration, […]

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The First Call Of The Season

It always comes, and I hate it.  It’s that first call of the season each spring or summer when the temps start to rise.  It usually goes something like this.  “Hi, I need some help here, my fish are coming to the surface of the water and appear to be gasping at the air.  Some […]

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Pond Air Pumps – How Different Designs Work Best

I guess to most people, the act of pumping air into a pond doesn’t sound all that complicated.  And in truth it’s not really, but there are a few basics that are good to know if you’re trying to get the best aeration system set up in your pond. I don’t usually get too hung […]

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Another Option For Large Pond Aeration Layouts

In the last week or so I’ve been going over some optional ways in which an aeration system can be installed in a large pond. By now you probably know of all the benefits of having an aerator in your pond.  The devices do so much for a pond it’s almost unthinkable not to have […]

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Pond Aeration For Long And Narrow Ponds

Every once in awhile I’ll get a pond owner who asks about aerating an oddly shaped pond.  Most commonly, what this means is the pond may be quite a bit longer than it is wide.  The shape really isn’t uniform but more oblong or extended.  The pond might be a 1/4 acre to an acre in […]

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How To Choose The Right Pond Air Pump

Not every pond will need aeration, or adding air and circulation to the water, but every pond will benefit from it.  There’s no question about that. If you look around online, or even at some local pet or hardware stores you’ll find a ton of different aerators for small ponds or water gardens.  There are […]

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Winter Pond Aeration – Is Ice In Your Airline?

Aerating your pond in the winter time is useful at keeping ice from forming at the surface.  It’s crucial that fish get adequate oxygen from the atmosphere, even in colder weather, so keeping a spot of ice open is very useful. You can use a pond heater of course, but many people also like, and […]

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Pond Muck Reduction And Cleaning

Ponds, simply due to their structure of being a big depression in the ground, are catch-all’s for a lot of things. Unfortunately a lot of this accumulation is organic debris that will eventually break down into a messy muck or sludge. It’s been said that one of the pond owner’s main goals, if not THE […]

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