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Feeding Your Koi Fish – With A Little Help From A Duck

Some people really like to feed their koi by hand…it’s a bonding experience. But not everybody has the time. That’s when you may need to recruit a little help and at least one little duck is willing to assist. And no, I’m not kidding! Just watch and enjoy this short video. We should all be […]

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Does Green Water Hurt Fish?

One of the most common questions we get about algae of any kind, concerns green water and whether this very common problem is actually harmful to fish. It would make sense to say that this issue of clarity in any size of pond is really annoying to the pond’s owner. What may have once been […]

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Oops, My Fish Are Dead…Chlorine Kills

If I had to summarize the topic this week it would simply be that “chlorine kills fish”. Not a happy topic to be sure but it’s a reality that sometimes mistakes happen. If you have a fish pond you’re likely well aware that municipal tap water is not ideally suited to fish health. Most tap […]

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