We’re Going To The Birds And More

What Do Birds Have To Do With Ponds? It may sound odd to include the topic of birds and bird feeders on a pond algae website but I would be remiss to not mention the subject of bird feeders as we near the holidays. You see a handful of years ago, my wife and I […]

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What’s Your Favorite Pond Plant?

For anyone who has read much of our material at Pond Algae Solutions, it’s widely known that we like to use and recommend pond plants to help balance out a pond. This is obviously one of the most natural and cost effective ways to keep algae from developing, and plants provide a number of other […]

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Ultra Violet Filtration vs. UltraSonic Algae Control – Technologies Compete

There’s no question that emerging technology over the last few decades as helped pond owners create better looking ponds. Unfortunately along with all of these advances comes the inevitable confusion of what’s best for a particular pond situation. Today I want to address two very useful tools in pond algae control, and cover their benefits […]

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Solving The Cloudy Water Problem In Your Pond

For many pond owners, there is an issue that can really frustrate the most diligent spirits. And why shouldn’t it. Afterall, cloudy water makes it hard to see your fish, or enjoy the clear and pristine water that we all dream of. As I tell folks time and time again, every pond is different and […]

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How Do I Know What Healthy Pond Product Is Right For My Pond?

So how do I know what type of Healthy Pond product is right for my pond? This is a common question for anyone considering using a natural bacterial treatment or more specifically any pond owner who is either using or wanting to use the Healthy Ponds line of products. The first key to choosing the […]

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Is Pond Algae Removal An Olympic Event?

I’ve never minded a bit of manual algae removal from my backyard pond. It sort of goes with the territory. If I keep having a problem with algae outbreaks I think I’ll get in touch with the current experts on the topic. I may have to go to China to do it though. If you’ve […]

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A Pond In The Sun

In the midst of summer, it’s a common question. How much does sun exposure affect algae growth? And like most answers, the correct one might range from a little to a lot. Isn’t that always how it is? Every pond is different in how it responds to sun light and for some ponds sun light […]

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The Inverted Pond – It’s A Bad Day For Fish

It’s hot, it’s steamy, and no, it’s not a romance novel. It’s the summer weather in most of the country as we move into June and July. This is a perfect time to talk about a phenomenon that often occurs during this time of year and it’s not a pleasant development if you have fish. […]

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Pond Algae Treatments And Combined Chaos

When pond algae starts to prosper in your watergarden, most of us will try anything to get rid of it. We pull out our arsenal of algae fighting tools, get busy with the rakes, add whatever we have in the shed to the water, or start scanning the online world for solutions. In other words, […]

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