Website Disclaimer

As you look around this website and read more about how to work with algae in your pond or water garden it’s important to note several things in terms of disclaimers. I don’t generally care for them, but in this day and age they are necessary.

First, your pond is your responsibility. I willingly offer advice here on the site that’s truly intended to help you and your pond. However I cannot be held liable or responsible should you do something that causes damage to your pond or loss of fish due to an error in judgement or application of a particular product, most particularly a chemical of some sort. I will offer suggestions on how to manage your pond, and how to use various products to the best effect with the highest degree of safety, however history has occasionally proven that even with this intent, some people simply make mistakes or misunderstand things that cause problems. Every pond is different in terms of it’s water quality and chemistry, as well as what it will take to manage it well so it’s important that you take the time to learn and understand the nuances of managing your pond.

Please follow this basic advice: Use your best judgement at all times regarding your pond and fish, and if you have concerns, ask myself or other pond experts for advice before taking any additional action. With the right information you can safely manage your pond and fish for many years to come.

Since one of our focuses here is to discuss pond algae in depth, and due to the fact that many people are looking for alternatives to deal with it, above and beyond chemical applications, it’s important to note that we will do our best to cover what we believe are the most logical options available that may help your pond. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember the following…

It is against federal regulations to use the term “algaecide” and relate it to anything other than a product which is EPA registered as such, and designed to specifically kill algae. Beneficial bacteria, pond aeration, pond dyes, and barley straw for example, do not fall within this category. All of these products simply and safely help to improve various conditions in a pond that may support unwanted growth of various kinds and thereby may create a cleaner pond in the process. No claims are made in any portion of this website that any of these products kill or control algae in any way whatsoever.

The true and natural restoration of a pond will bring about many improvements, and in many cases these improvements are obviously visible to the happy pond owner. We believe this is the most responsible and eco-friendly direction to take in regards to pond care and maintenance today.