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How Mother Nature Affects Your Pond Algae Problem

There’s no question about it. A pond is not a static creature by any means. When you have fish and plants, the pond literally comes noticeably alive. These notable critters, and even many that you can’t see create a dynamic in a pond that’s ever changing. We’ve had an odd summer here in Iowa with […]

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A Good Resource With Some Bad Advice

I wanted to share a part of an email I received from a pond owner recently. He passed along some suggestions he received from an extension service in his area. Many of you probably know that overall I’m very fond of and highly recommend the use of your local extension since they often are a […]

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Green Water And The Sun

Green water problems are just another form of algae that can plague many ponds. Our approach to dealing with green water is much like it is with any other form of pond algae. If you can limit the things that help it grow, that’s a great start. In the video below we’ll address a couple […]

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Pond Plant Identification 101

Over the years we’ve talked to a lot of pond owners and one of the keys to passing on a good “diagnosis” and treatment is to figure out just what the pond owner is seeing in their pond. To put it simply, it’s of basic importance to identify what your problem is, so you can […]

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The Truth About Algaecides

For quite some time now, those of us at Pond Algae Solutions have believed that there were often better alternatives to using chemical algaecides for treating pond algae problems. From the looks of things, others are starting to embrace that philosophy too, such as the city of Naples Florida. In the fall of 2008, Naples […]

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Do It Yourself Pond Filter

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot about pond filters and how they can be very important to helping keep a pond clean, clear, and free of algae. There is no question that one of the best types of filters for this task is the biological filter, which uses beneficial bacteria to break down and […]

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The Ultimate Pond Filter System

In our last article we began our discussion on pond filtration by discussing UV light as a way to deal with some types of pond algae problems. It was also noted that ultraviolet light, as useful as it is, is not a cure-all for algae. With that in mind, this is probably a good time […]

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