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Do I Have To Use Beneficial Bacteria In The Winter?

Sometimes in talking to a pond owner who’s kept their water feature open all winter, it comes as a surprise to them that algae can grow, even in the coldest conditions. As I always do, if they ask how it should be treated, I suggest using a good quality pond bacteria, and one that is […]

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Winter Pond Aeration – Is Ice In Your Airline?

Aerating your pond in the winter time is useful at keeping ice from forming at the surface.  It’s crucial that fish get adequate oxygen from the atmosphere, even in colder weather, so keeping a spot of ice open is very useful. You can use a pond heater of course, but many people also like, and […]

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How To Use Your Small Pond Aerator In Winter

We’ve been getting a good stream of questions asking for advice in how to use an aerator in a small pond or water garden during the winter months. Oxygen is useful in any pond at any time of course, but for winter use, the real goal of having an aerator running is to help to […]

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Five Things Your Pond Builder Never Told You About

Before I build up a head of steam here let me preface this article by saying that I have the utmost respect for talented pond builders.  Like anything involving craftsmanship, this work is a true art form and many happy pond owners can attest to this fact.  So thank you to the pond builders, designers, […]

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Small Pond Emergency – Saving Your Fish In An Oxygen Crisis

Last Saturday we experienced some of the hottest weather I’ve seen in a good while.  The thermometer read a toasty 104 degrees around noon time while we checked out the local farmers market.  Needless to say the crowd wasn’t quite as big as usual. For just about everyone out there that day it was brutal […]

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Pond Fresh Filters – Calclulating Flow Rate

There’s no question that the Pond Fresh Dechlorinating filter is a handy tool to have around when you’re topping off your pond or filling it up at the start of the season. If you use a municipal water supply, it’s virtually certain that you’ll find some concentration of chlorine or chloramines in the water, and […]

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Frisky Koi And Limiting Overproduction

On the one hand, it’s great to have happy and healthy fish. This is as it should be if you’re doing a good job at managing your Koi pond. On the other hand, happy and healthy fish are usually really good at making more fish. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Anyway, this can […]

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Can Koi Fish And Pond Plants Co-exist?

As many of you know, green water is a common issue in tons of small fish ponds. And one of the best ways I have always suggested to deal with it is with a combination of beneficial pond bacteria and desirable plants. But there’s a problem with this advice, at least where a Koi pond […]

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Skippy Filter Update – Important Steps To Keep Any BioFilter Working Well

By the looks of things, there’s a lot of do-it-yourselfers in the world. A quick look at the stats of my Youtube video on the Skippy DIY pond filter design indicates around 220,000 views since it’s been up and running and it’s popularity is certainly indicative that people want to try some things on their […]

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