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Our Pond Fresh Chlorine Filters Have Been Modified

Chlorine and Chloramines are simply not something you want in your fish pond. Yet they are found in virtually every municipal water source. So, if you have a fish pond, and live in a city with a muni water supply, be sure to check with your city water department to find out what they are […]

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Winter Aeration For Shallow Ponds

A few pond owners have contacted me recently with some very good questions on how to aerate a larger pond that’s pretty shallow. Should they do it in the winter and if so, how? To be more specific, we’re talking about ponds in the 1/8 to 1/2 an acre in surface area and something in […]

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Are Pond Ionizers The Next Big Thing In Algae Control?

There’s no doubt that in the coming year you’ll see more and more companies in the pond care realm offering up a device called a pond or water ionizer. They sound like a really good idea. Set the dial or push a button on a control panel and the system will release a dose of […]

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The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

If you spend any time outside at all, you’ve likely found yourself on the receiving end of a bite or two from the ever-nagging mosquito. Quite frankly for most of my life, all I ever worried about was easing the itch from getting bitten. The problem is this “after the fact” approach isn’t such a […]

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Pond Vacuums – Can They Help With Algae Control?

Look around a bit and you’ll find a variety of pond vacuums on the market today. Most of these are used by small pond owners and they can do a good job of helping keep a pond cleaner. Since much of our focus on this site is about algae control, the question often comes up, […]

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An Argument About Aeration

Nearly everyone agrees on certain things. The world is round for instance…I’m thinking we can all agree on that. But bring up the topic of pond aeration and things get a little shaky. It’s not the fact that it’s good for a pond and for fish…no debate there. What folks may disagree on is what’s […]

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Pond Salt – What’s It Good For?

Last week’s pond start up tips and checklist generated a few additional questions from readers and more than anything else, people asked about the use of pond salt in a water garden pond. To clear up some misconceptions about the use of salt in ponds I’ll cover the topic in this week’s pond tip video. […]

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Tools For Fall And Winter Pond Preparation

In the video below I’ll talk about some of the most common and helpful tools that I’ve found that make fall and winter pond preparation a bit easier. These are simple and inexpensive things that anyone can use to keep their pond cleaner and in better condition as the leaves and snow start to fall. […]

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Ultrasonic Algae Control Questions And Answers

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot about the use of ultrasound for pond algae control. It’s showing tremendous promise in a number of installations and more and more pond owners are asking about it. In the video below, I’ve compiled some of the most frequent questions we get about the device and provided some […]

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