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There’s More Than Just Water In Your Pond

This amazing video shows a side of our ponds that we would rarely see, at least without the aid of a microscope. In truth, ponds are home to more than just fish, snails, turtles and the like. Much smaller and more inconspicuous are the many tiny animals that make up an aquatic kingdom. You’ll see […]

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Question: Should Beneficial Pond Bacteria Be Used In The Winter?

One question I get asked a lot in the fall of every year is, “should I continue to use beneficial bacteria in my pond even though it’s getting cold?” It’s a great question and one that I’ll cover in the video below as well as the short article a bit farther down the page. There’s […]

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Dealing With Hot Temperatures And Your Pond

Wow, what a heat wave. It started as a relatively mild spring but in the last week much of the U.S. has felt the heat of summer early. In Iowa we had three straight days in the mid-nineties and now the east coast is getting the same. As pond owners, we deal with a lot […]

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Dividing Water Lilies

Water lilies have become one of the most popular pond plants for small pond owners and for good reason. They’re beautiful and functional in the sense that they provide shade for ponds that get a lot of sun (and we know how that can help with green water algae right?) and provide protection for your […]

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Fall Pond Preparation – Plants

Pond plants are a wonderful addition to any pond and we’ve talked about all of the benefits of having them. However as fall approaches many folks wonder what to do with them. The video below will help a bit in this effort and maybe clarify a few things that will make your fall pond preparation […]

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Fall And Winter Pond Plant Care

One of our loyal readers kindly reminded me that I failed to mention anything about pond plants as we get into fall and winter. My apologies!!! Keep in mind though that in most cases throughout the summer, my main mission is to keep a particular plant out of the picture…but we’re not talking about pond […]

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Wintering Your Pond Fish Inside

While many pond owners have found ways to overwinter fish in a pond all season long, others due to many factors may choose to bring their fish indoors during the winter. As to which one is best for you will depend on a lot of factors. The type and depth of the pond you have […]

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Overwintering Your Pond Fish

If you’re planning on leaving your fish in a pond throughout the winter the video below will offer a few helpful tips that can make this an enjoyable time for you and a safe time for your fish. As a teaser, if you’d like to see a guy in a Hawaiian shirt standing out in […]

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Should Beneficial Bacteria Be Used In The Fall?

It may seem a bit early to say this for some folks around the country but summer is coming to a close. Where did it go?!? I’ll be right up front. I enjoy summertime. Yes we’re kept incredibly busy and it gets to be crazy around here sometimes, but I’m not sure I would have […]

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