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Green Water In Your Pond? This Can Help

Green water, or single cell algae that freely floats around in a pond, can be a real nightmare for the pond owners. Usually this stuff isn’t dangerous for fish but it sure can make a pond look ugly. We all want clean and clear water in our ponds but sometimes this isn’t always as easy […]

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Are Fish Self Regulating In A Small Pond?

A question came in recently that I think is a good one. A pond owner asked, “are fish self regulating in a small pond?”. Meaning will they quit growing at a certain point or stop breeding so as not to overwhelm the pond with fish? The best answer I can give is no…and yes. Watch […]

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The Anti-Algae System Seminar

For those of you who where not able to attend the Anti-Algae Seminar on Tuesday evening, I’ve included the recording below. The download link for this MP3 audio file is below the player. Simply right click your mouse and select “save as” or “save file as” from the drop down menu and your download should […]

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Two New Algae Control Articles For You

To our readers and pond owners everywhere who are dealing with pond algae problems this is just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just uploaded two new pond algae control articles to our website. Pond Algae Control Tips Algae Control In Ponds And Water Gardens Both of these expose’s outline some of […]

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Algae Control Review For 2009

As the year comes to a close, it’s interesting to look back at 2009 and consider some of the breakthroughs that have happened this year in regards to pond algae control. Most notably ultrasound technology gained ground in pond treatments as well as a growth in interest for industrial applications. A few years ago when […]

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Natural Pond Treatments

One of the most useful tools for dealing with a number of pond water quality and unwanted plant growth problems is beneficial bacteria. We talk about it a lot on this site and have long been amazed at what it can do for the overall health of a pond. We get emails quite often on […]

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How Mother Nature Affects Your Pond Algae Problem

There’s no question about it. A pond is not a static creature by any means. When you have fish and plants, the pond literally comes noticeably alive. These notable critters, and even many that you can’t see create a dynamic in a pond that’s ever changing. We’ve had an odd summer here in Iowa with […]

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A Good Resource With Some Bad Advice

I wanted to share a part of an email I received from a pond owner recently. He passed along some suggestions he received from an extension service in his area. Many of you probably know that overall I’m very fond of and highly recommend the use of your local extension since they often are a […]

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Ultrasonic Algae Control Questions And Answers

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot about the use of ultrasound for pond algae control. It’s showing tremendous promise in a number of installations and more and more pond owners are asking about it. In the video below, I’ve compiled some of the most frequent questions we get about the device and provided some […]

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