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How To Kill Algae In A Large Pond

Pond algae is just one of those things that most people want to get rid of.  If you’ve had it show up you probably know what I mean.  First there’s the shock of a once pretty pond turning into a green and slimy mess.  Maybe it will even smell bad which leads to even more […]

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Are Pond Algae Blooms Dangerous?

It’s impossible these days to go through an entire summer without hearing of some warning about a pond with algae in it.  Often the title might say something like “Toxic Algae Found In Lake” or something similar. Just this week two new articles came out, one from Kansas, and one from Long Island New York, […]

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Can You Spot Treat Pond Algae?

Here’s another good question from the old Pond Q&A mailbag and I think it can be applied to just about any size of pond, even though in this particular case the question was about a 3 acre pond. The gentleman described his situation as having some reasonably heavy string algae around the perimeter of the […]

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UV Clarifiers And Sterilizers For Your Green Water Problem

Green water in a pond is one stubborn critter sometimes.   It’s not really unusual to have this type of pond algae crop up and bloom once the days get a little warmer and sun shines a bit brighter in the spring or summer.  And unfortunately for the small pond owner who’s plagued by it, […]

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Ultrasonic Algae Control – Facts And Fiction

As the years go by, more and more pond owners are hearing about the use of ultrasonic algae control devices and how they might help one’s pond look better.  More retailers are certainly offering the systems now and with that, there’s been an increase in mis-information and one might say the promise that ultrasound is […]

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Pond Algaecides – Let’s Clarify A Few Things

Let’s talk for a minute about pond algaecides. You know, the stuff that kills algae outright and all that good stuff. Hopefully your jaw isn’t hitting the floor, because yes, while I don’t like them, nor do I care to use them, algaecides may be needed now and then and because of that, I thought […]

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Can Green Clean Control Green Water?

In my continuing effort to share some common questions that we get here at Pond Algae Control Central I wanted to address a few surrounding Green Clean algaecide. Way back in 2004 or 2005 I became aware of, what at that time, was a revolutionary non-copper based algaecide that could be used to topically treat […]

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Toxic Algae In Farm Pond Kills Cattle In Georgia

Compared to how common algae blooms are across the country in the summer months, you don’t hear about the potential hazards of algae all that much. But a recent article in Beef Magazine caught my eye because it involved the death of four cows that were killed from contact or most likely ingestion with a […]

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Green Water Remedy That’s Simple And Free

For some reason, there are times when a pond has green water and anything you try to clear it simply doesn’t seem to work. Such was the case with a frustrated small pond owner who corresponded with me over the last few months. Marge is a pond friend who’s kept in close touch as she […]

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