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The Best Way To Control Cattails Around Your Pond

Personally, if you ask me, I think one of the charms of a wild pond (even if it’s man-made) is the emergence of native grasses and plants that can come about just because you’ve created a sort of wetland area.   And nothing seems more natural than cattails near a body of water. To an […]

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It’s Hot, It’s Summer, So Should I Treat My Duckweed Problem?

Really the title of this article says it all.  In the heat of summer, plant life in a pond will grow abundantly.  This can be good or bad, but in the case of duckweed, I have to admit that most people don’t really like it in their big ponds.   Like it or not, that’s […]

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Can Koi Fish And Pond Plants Co-exist?

As many of you know, green water is a common issue in tons of small fish ponds. And one of the best ways I have always suggested to deal with it is with a combination of beneficial pond bacteria and desirable plants. But there’s a problem with this advice, at least where a Koi pond […]

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Can Aquatic Weeds And Algae Be Controlled With Fish?

Aquatic weed control in ponds is one area where it’s been difficult to eliminate the need for chemical usage. Unlike algae, which can often be affected by reducing nutrients in the water, weeds usually take root at the bottom of the pond and pull nutrients from the ground. This leaves us with an option to […]

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Book Recommendation – Encyclopedia Of Water Garden Plants

One of the most often suggested steps to dealing with water quality issues and algae problems in a pond is to install desirable plants like lilies and lotus or a variety of other green goodies. Many natural pond managers will use plants as the mainstay to controlling algae, and while it may take a lot […]

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Duckweed Isn’t Algae And What To Do About It

It may come as a shock to some but pond algae isn’t the only plant that can take over a pond and make life miserable for the frustrated pond owner. Of the free-floating plants that show up a lot in the summer, duckweed has to be near the top of the list. This particular growth […]

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Pond Plant Identification 101

Over the years we’ve talked to a lot of pond owners and one of the keys to passing on a good “diagnosis” and treatment is to figure out just what the pond owner is seeing in their pond. To put it simply, it’s of basic importance to identify what your problem is, so you can […]

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What’s Your Favorite Pond Plant?

For anyone who has read much of our material at Pond Algae Solutions, it’s widely known that we like to use and recommend pond plants to help balance out a pond. This is obviously one of the most natural and cost effective ways to keep algae from developing, and plants provide a number of other […]

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