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New PondBiotix Small Pond Combo Pack Offer

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about using our PondBiotix line of pond bacteria. As you might know the baseline product for small ponds is a concentrated liquid bacteria which is particular good at nitrite and nitrate reduction and we consider this good for pond wide cleaning. However customers have been asking about the […]

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The Effortless Bird Feeder

Now I know that most of our discussions hear revolve around ponds and pond algae. But I don’t want you to think that I’m obsessed with it. Well OK, maybe I am obsessed with algae, but I have other interests too! Seriously though, things have slowed down a bit in the realm of pond algae […]

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Geese, Geese Go Away

Last weekend the weather here in Iowa was quite nice. I really enjoy taking my old dog on a long walk around a local nature preserve and recreational area. Normally we have a pretty good time. On this particular day I noticed something that was a bit out of the ordinary for this place. There’s […]

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A Simple Pond Tool To Monitor Seasonal Changes

Watch the short video below where I cover one of the simplest but most useful pond care tools to use during the fall, winter, and spring. It’s such a simple thing, but a pond thermometer will help you keep tabs on where your pond stands as the weather get’s colder. Actually it’s good any time […]

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Treating A Pond With Green Or Murky Water With A Flocculent

One of the most common problems we hear about when pond owners call in during the summer months has to do with water clarity. Green or murky and cloudy water tend to show up as the pond warms up and the degree of coloration can vary from a light tinting to a full blown green […]

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Shallow Pond Aeration Is Possible

It’s a fact that every single pond will benefit from increased aeration and oxygenation. Some ponds, however, have certain characteristics that can limit just how useful aeration can be, and the major consideration is the depth of the pond. Simply put, the general rule of thumb is the deeper the better. Depths of 10 feet […]

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Oops, My Fish Are Dead…Chlorine Kills

If I had to summarize the topic this week it would simply be that “chlorine kills fish”. Not a happy topic to be sure but it’s a reality that sometimes mistakes happen. If you have a fish pond you’re likely well aware that municipal tap water is not ideally suited to fish health. Most tap […]

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Pond Muck Is Not A Problem

One of the greatest challenges for a large pond owner is choosing how you’re going to deal with the inevitable build up of organic material in the pond. Things like leaves, grass clippings, dead algae and more will eventually accumulate at the bottom of the pond. This pond muck is very rich in nutrients and […]

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Muck Decaying Catalyst – What’s That?

There has always been a problem for large pond owners that either choose to, or have to use chemical herbicides or algaecides to keep their pond looking good. Without question there are better ways to clean a pond up from a variety of unwanted issues and beneficial pond bacteria is our top choice for this […]

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