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Game Changer – The Quattro-DB Ultrasound Algae Control System Is Here

This is exciting news that I can finally share! After a year and half of intense development, I’m thrilled to report that the all new, Quattro-DB ultrasonic system is available! And when I say it’s a game changer for algae control…particularly for larger ponds and lakes, I’m not using that term lightly. The Quattro-DB Ultrasonic […]

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How A Kasco Pond Deicer Saved A Whale

As winter approaches we always get questions on how to deal with ice in a pond. It’s an important consideration if you have a dock, or similar structure, or you have fish that you might want to protect. There are several ways to deal with ice build up with the most popular tools being some […]

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Winter Ponds Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes I find myself questioning if certain topics are worth talking about. Standing on thin ice would be one of those but in truth, it’s a very important thing to talk about. The proof in this is the various news reports you see every winter, where people, pets, or even wildlife end up falling through […]

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Pond Fountains – Beauty With Benefits

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions on pond fountains and aeration in general. And I think a misconception of sorts came out of some of what I’ve written before. People got the idea that I didn’t like fountains. But that’s not really true. It is accurate to say that I don’t like […]

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What’s A Pond Circulator Good For?

We talk a lot about pond aeration and why it’s so important for almost any size of pond. Normally in our discussions we focus mostly on sub-surface aeration, simply because it does so much for the entire pond. But it should be noted that there are many kinds of aerators for ponds and one of […]

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Can Every Pond Be Restored?

You know, we see a lot of pond problems around here.  Algae, weeds, muck, stench, stagnation, all kinds of colors too. I’m not going to claim we’ve seen it all because nature is a creative force but we’ve seen quite a bit over the years. And we’ve worked with a lot of ponds.  We’ve helped […]

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A Cost Effective Option To Dredging Your Pond

I couldn’t help but notice a recent article from an online newspaper called Sauk Valley which is an area not far from here in western Illinois. Like many municipalities, these folks are dealing with an aging pond that’s filling in, and of course during the warm months, algae will usually show up too.  Each year […]

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String Algae

Can You Spot Treat Pond Algae?

Here’s another good question from the old Pond Q&A mailbag and I think it can be applied to just about any size of pond, even though in this particular case the question was about a 3 acre pond. The gentleman described his situation as having some reasonably heavy string algae around the perimeter of the […]

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Nitrate Levels And Your Pond – One Example From Iowa

Whenever we talk about pond algae and pond algae control, there are a few things we almost always focus on.  One of those things is nutrients that feed the plant growth.  Of course, these same nutrients feed other plants too, but by and large, it’s the free-floating plants that get the most of it.  This […]

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