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There’s No Better Way To Protect Your Fish From Herons

Carol, a pond friend of ours, wrote into us recently and had a great question about heron decoys. Last fall, a Great Blue Heron came into her fish pond and may have taken out any number of fish.  It was hard to tell just how many, but some were likely eaten, and while eventually they […]

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Watch Out For Chlorine In Your Fish Pond

I recently came across this post in a pond forum and wanted to share this with you…and while you’d think this would be a rare thing to happen in a fish pond, that’s not really the case. “Late last fall ,I allowed a distraction to cause me to effectively KILL all  of my Goldfish ,I […]

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Don’t Feed Your Fish In Cold Water!

I noticed a fairly common but disturbing post on a pond forum today and I wanted to share this with you here in the hopes that it will help you avoid this with your Koi in particular. Here’s the post This is a story that would usually start with “A friend of mine…” but I’ll […]

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Note To Catfish – Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!

Here’s an interesting story from a pond owner that saved one of his larger catfish from some major problems. It seems that he noticed a basketball floating in the pond and on closer inspection found that it was looking pretty edible to one large catfish. Upon trying to swallow the thing, it got lodged in […]

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Why Do Koi Jump?

Koi fish are interesting creatures to say the least. For anyone who’s had fish, any fish really, for any length of time, you kind of get in tune with their habits and personalities, and yes, they do differ from fish to fish. And one trait that some of them may have is that they like […]

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When Fountains Are Not Enough

This was a tough week for a fellow in Hendersonville North Carolina. Clyde Halbert had spent years building up his fish stock and estimated he’d invested nearly $40,000 in purchasing catfish for his pond. Halbert operates a business where folks can come in and fish for trophy sized catfish. They pay him a small fee, […]

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Small Pond Emergency – Saving Your Fish In An Oxygen Crisis

Last Saturday we experienced some of the hottest weather I’ve seen in a good while.  The thermometer read a toasty 104 degrees around noon time while we checked out the local farmers market.  Needless to say the crowd wasn’t quite as big as usual. For just about everyone out there that day it was brutal […]

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Frisky Koi And Limiting Overproduction

On the one hand, it’s great to have happy and healthy fish. This is as it should be if you’re doing a good job at managing your Koi pond. On the other hand, happy and healthy fish are usually really good at making more fish. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Anyway, this can […]

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Can Koi Fish And Pond Plants Co-exist?

As many of you know, green water is a common issue in tons of small fish ponds. And one of the best ways I have always suggested to deal with it is with a combination of beneficial pond bacteria and desirable plants. But there’s a problem with this advice, at least where a Koi pond […]

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