Ticks And Fleas May Be Rampant This Year

With the warm winter and spring, it’s a good bet that ticks and fleas, will be abundant this year and they represent two of the most unwanted and nasty things you could have around your pond or backyard. It goes without saying that you sure don’t want them in your house.

Where ticks are concerned it’s important, if you live in infested areas, to check your clothing and your body whenever you spend much time outdoors. You simply want to avoid any issues with Lyme Disease. I know because a friend of mine came down with this and suffered a good bit because of it. If possible, use a repellent spray, I prefer those that don’t contain DEET or Pyrethrum myself, but you need to decide for yourself what might be effective for you. For the last several years I’ve used a product called Buzz Away and like it a lot. It’s primarily used as a mosquito control, but also works as a chemical free way to repel ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums.

Also be sure to check your pets, if they spend time outdoors with you as well.

It’s actually reading about pets, and natural ways that you can help control fleas and ticks that led me to put this article together. In recent years, I’ve been more concerned about using chemical treatments on my dog and have opted to use a more natural solution to keep them from getting infested too. So with that in mind, I’d encourage you to read this useful article from Dr.Karen Becker DVM. I find her information to be very useful, and it often falls in line with my own feelings on using less chemicals around the home in any way that we can. Take a few minutes and look this over if you’re interested.

Flea And Tick Control Tips For Pets

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